Rapid Strategy

your key to digital clarity

Do you recognise the need for digital, but you’re not sure where to start?

Or have you spent thousands on digital activity, but you’re not seeing the results you want?

Perhaps you have a mature digital programme, but you’re looking for greater speed and innovation?

Introducing Rapid Strategy, Element’s proven new approach to digital strategy and delivery. Designed to move you quickly from thinking to doing to learning, Rapid Strategy will help you understand what you should be doing in digital, in what form, and in the best way.


Uncover what matters most to your business and customers. Decide what is the minimum you need to know to get moving.


Cheap experiments test assumptions and help you invest with certainty. Projects are delivered by a bespoke team of partners assembled just for you.


Actions are tied to business goals for accurate assessment of ROI. Continuous refinement and learning ensures you stay one step ahead.




Element helps you create greater customer value as a digital business.

We offer two core services: digital strategy and digital delivery.

Our digital strategy team provides experienced, practical recommendations that are always one hundred percent neutral. We keep no developers or creatives in-house, and have no vested capability to sell.

To deliver your digital programme, we assemble bespoke teams of expert partners around each project. From digital marketing to digital transformation, this approach is fast, transparent and cost-effective.

With Element, your business will invest more wisely in digital, gain confidence in its digital programme,
and reap the rewards of satisfied, loyal customers.

Digital strategy

In addition to our flagship Rapid Strategy programme, we deliver standalone digital strategy services across digital transformation, customer experience, e-commerce and digital marketing.

Research & Analytics

Our dedicated customer research team provide deep insight into audience behaviours, while our analysts offer critical evaluation of business and digital data.

Digital delivery

Our project managers will oversee implementation of your entire digital plan. We build bespoke teams of trusted partners around individual clients, to fit their specific needs and budget, delivering optimal value.

Supplier evaluation

We can work with you to evaluate new or existing digital suppliers, offering impartial advice to ensure you’ve made the right choice and receive the best value for money.


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Kevin has more than 15 years’ experience in digital. He has led digital strategy practices at two of the world’s largest agencies, Ogilvy & DigitasLBi, creating digital programs for companies such as IBM, Volvo, Sony, Motorola, Nestle, Ford and many more. Prior to establishing Element, Kevin also had a successful private practice in London and was Director of Digital Innovation at ClemengerBBDO in Wellington.

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